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INTERVIEWER: What is aĒ donít do ďthing in a relationship that you donít like your partner to do?

FLESH PLEZURE: That could be like the time when I met this lady, who was already only about the size of the manís Penis when erect. I was kind of surprised she was like that. I didnít have a way to control that conversation with her, and because I wasnít married or engaged to her, she kind of did that to Buck me off like bull in a rodeo but, in spoken words. Some speaking arrangements are like that. So many conversations when youíre not in some ď I love youĒ or talking to them about marriage, gets that feeling inside me killed or crushed, When the partner only wants an adult related quick 1time relationship. It doesnít break my heart ,but those relations add up, later in life, when I have to account, that I talked to her ,went to a room with her ,and I donít have that again directly with her !

INTERVIEWER: What would be the most liked situation for you?††††††††††††††††††††

FLESH PLEZURE: The situation I like the most, is when I have a Lady to stay for the weekend, with me, and she does all those little things that make me feel good.I like to kiss & make out on the couch or in the car. If I get her to pull my pants down, and start kissing me there, very liked! Iíve always liked a nice visual teaser, like sexy bare clothing, when Iím in a place for the weekend, and not at a nightclub where it costs some cash.

INTERVIEWER: Do you wear condoms or Have your partner on birth Control?

FLESH PLEZURE: Now, if Iím in a serious, & committed relationship, I find that wearing a condom works better with me, than having the partner get Prescription Drug birth control Pills. There was a big sensation, exciting feeling when there was no Condom on me. But there was only the risk of a Pregnancy within her.If I could continue doing that without the condom and Her Birth control drugs. ITíS a wakeup call, what am I going to do, when or if, there is a child born & Iím not in the Weddingyet !?

It could make something like having sex turn into a Birth Control conversation, if it is only how each feel about the child thatís born from activity.

For me, how I like to have sex with her, it is easier to unwrap a condom, put it on and become a little bit numb to the excitement, than have to continually talk about, Prescription birth control drugs with her. The womenís internal physiology isnít EVER something to experiment drugs within a concern of sperm. If I have to meet a new lady tomorrow, I hope she has no Birth Control Drugs ever digested into her internals, which could be a loss to me if she takes a drug and cannot have a birth of a child.

INTERVIEWER: What happens if you complete this interview with me, and 2 young ladies read it, a decide to lure & seduce you in for a ďTHREESOMEĒ?

FLESH PLEZURE:Whoa!Yeah! Awai ting for that day to happen!That would really be awesome, with 2 ladies. I can imagine 2 petite sized ladies around 110+ LBS.

I could carry them away to a room and the fun time would begin!Lesbians are exciting in their sex positions, they could turn me on, like a light switch with what they can do.

INTERVIEWER: Do you submit to your Partner for her cunnilingus?

FLESH PLEZURE: Yes, I would submit and do that to her. Some Women must have loved getting cunnilingus all night!

INTERVIEWER: Did you ever have a Domestic Partner, that had sex in the outdoors & outside.

FLESH PLEZURE:That was a rare occasion, I kind of had that as a comfort conspiracy, because, there wouldnít be times of that happening while out on a walk or in some secluded Natural Park or recreation area. The women wouldnít always go along with that

suggestion. I assumed it was over comfort or weather temps or conditions. I looked at it within my thoughts as, why is sex, like that always indoors, inside a building? That to me was like a conspiracy because to me, the memorable event of having sex outside & outdoors had not occurred yet. Also because a partner, would have had to pay for something indoors ,like a room rental , or apartment ,it was easier to think of as the moment is most free to each other outside & outdoors hidden away from building codes and ownership policies.†† Maybe, hopefully someday I can meet that with her, and have a moment of intimacy in some hidden place on the scenic beach or in some beautiful mountain range, away from everyone else, where only the birds & furry small animals can see us.

The INTERVIEWER: Have you ever had a woman as your SEX ED teacher, to teach & use you in the bedroom?

FLESH PLEZURE:A woman as a teacher, yes it would. Always be like that. She would always get the Sex teacher position and get control of me, when I was younger and not a virgin. I remember how she would talk in a controlling way because it was sex, and only was sensation able intense feelings to her. I felt like wow she really gets her controls on me. Some of those controlling teacher teachings, would start things within ME, like looking for or awaiting for an opportunity of getting control of thewoman for what I wanted in sex when I got control of her, that was memorable as the best feeling.

INTERVIEWER:Have you ever gone to an adult Sex resort or Adult theme Vacation Cruise Ship Yacht?

FLESH PLEZURE: no, havenít done that as of yet. I did some searching online for a Cruise Ship Yacht that sponsored celebrities in it, but I could not find the Yacht with the celebrity I wanted to meet with or be nearby me in the events planned inside the ship.

INTERVIEWER:If you won the lottery today, and had an amount of winnings, what would you do with the account?

FLESH PLEZURE:I would get a 30 day Hotel Guest room to open up for me. Then I would go on the internet and reserve a tropical beach vacation for 2 weeks. I would go to all the concert music events when they would arrive. It would be fun, go to Los Angeles and rent the Lamborghini for the weekend, & drive around the beach highway.

INTERVIEWER: What are the 3 most important things to you, in a domestic Partner pre-marital relation?

FLESH PLEZURE:Important things to me in the pre- marital relation are first screening, her if she qualified and fulfilled some requirements, which I have to be in a wedding and marriage. Requirements I have to her, is not having a crime conviction, and she has to make & have a salary over making hourly wages, she would also have to be Drug free without any using.†† A relationship with me is, more than the mechanics involved that are around how each of us can click and work it out, with one another. There is a big written INK current with my part of the marriage. So many times, Iíve looked at how each can benefit in a marriage with the co- accounts and tax filings annually. That to me is an important thing. It is also important she stays in love and interested in me and the marriage.

INTERVIEWER: What sort of problems do you seecould happen in a Domestic relationship?

FLESH PLEZURE: The problem, that could occur ,is when the relationship Iím within needs to be validated, as it is & ,if Iím seen in public places with her, the relationship as itself is or isnít of interest to those that can see it somehow. A domestic relationship isnít always going to be one of the somethingís that they give credit for having it, having a wedding ceremony & registering the marriage papers in the county & state office, then it is a trustif there is the event of a widow. That is about the ONLY credit available, but it credits back on the partnership marriage as in annual tax filings.

If Iím without a way to validate it, that could be those influential outside pressures that can break-up, and abandon it. A relation can be a fragileí handle with careí type of thing. Iíve had things in past relationships, where ďweĒ would be together if she had already learned to not to beintroducing me to friends she had, if ďweĒ had NO wedding Date planned in the years calendar. Iím possessive as a domestic partner, & I always seek my partner to be the same way. If I can inform you now, before the relation starts, There is some assurance that each of us can get what we want from it.That is a big reason, I work late into the night if,I can get a better relationship, if the more I work on it before it starts. I hope to eliminate the problems the domestic relationship could have & participate in it like a full-time job 7 days a week, so it takes over the time I have to bein employment, and I have the relationship as a successful thing to bewithin.

Itís a similar feeling to that old blues song the thrill is gone, when one ends the relationship.

INTERVIEWER: Do you see any advantage or recognize anything better than, to register a wedding marriage with the county records department?

FLESH PLEZURE: Yes, the better part of that whole entire marriage as a business ,is having the record kept on file at the county records, then there is place for name searches online and the marriage record is kept in the event of a divorce.

INTERVIEWER:Have you ever fallen in love with someone, only by seeing or looking at them the first time with your Eyes & they are someone that you donít know?

FLESH PLEZURE: That has had to be love, sneaking up on me! That always is surprising, when that happens in my life. Itís like seeing lightning in the sky at night. A beautiful moment of love. My thoughts and ideas would always be somewhere within myself, and then in a magical moment, my eyes would see her & stir something inside ME, That has had to be feeling her love. I would always look at her in awe within the love.

INTERVIEWER: Within love, do you ever stop yourself to ask yourself ďwhat you have to do, to stay in love foreverĒ?

FLESH PLEZURE: Yes, I can often ask myself if this moment will last forever.

























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