INTERVIEWER: Hello Flesh, Can you answer some questions I have about the website, in this interview today?

FLESH PLEZURE: YES, I can answer that for you.

INTERVIEWER: Has the website become a significant or vital part to & in your life?

FLESH PLEZURE: YES! Having a website for someone to visit makes my life easier. I can now have a place for all the somethingís classified as personal go to the website. I donít have to stop what I was doing in the small business part of life and do personal, if it still has to fit into that personal work. It is a good place to separate the Business parts of life with the personal parts of life.

INTERVIEWER: How has the website helped to manage what you have?

FLESH PLEZURE: A website that someone can visit & read into, and sort through the available information, Makes my time & life so much more manageable. There were so many events in the past years ago, that were unmanageable, and required to do some kind of, or type of work, to have a life & time thatís more manageable.

INTRVIEWER: What were the biggest obstacles to work with when attempting to launch & upload the website?

FLESH PLEZURE: Some of the moments that I had experienced in that launching and uploading, were having to change my thoughts from freely thinking, back into the thought of 19 years ago as a Computer student in html class, and submit and commit the html code to display on the other screen.

INTERVIEWER: Can the future of this website make you or turn into something that is noticeable better.

FLESH PLEZURE: YES, the website has always had that hopefulness within it. There was always a noticeable vibe or energy when there is something available to the millions of lives that surf the internet and visit websites. Itís a good feeling when an intellectual property can somehow free your intelligence so you can now do something new you havenít done before!

INTERVIEWER: What were your thoughts in the moments in your life, when the operations of website became demanding the time of a full-time 40hours a week job/employment?

FLESH PLEZURE: It would kind of start sneaking itself in, and I would be in the thought of I have to start a battery recharge the laptop, I have to go to the ISP retail store and purchase more gigabytes. Then I would start into how there is a feeling of inadequate. I have to make my own watts of Ac120 electric from DC solar Panels in the Chiahuan dessert. It is a big thing to me, like when I started out as tenant in 2000 with a mobile home in California, and the only winter heat was to make wood stove fire. Itís a similar renewable energy, but itís all wires connected to one another until the best result occurs, full battery on a web surfing device.

INTERVIEWER: Do you find that making a website is a rewarding thing?

FLESH PLEZURE: A website available for a visit is that, rewarding feeling, which is the reward for jumping through the hoop. Telling someone to go to And click around in the webpages.

INTERVIEWER: Do you plan on moving to another country this year?

FLESH PLEZURE: No, there are too many things that I can see are unsecured for me to go anywhere outside the USA. Itís always something of having to have a REAL ESTATE in the country you want to vacation in or travel to. So much of it is only within the banking of the country each other wants to go.

It is divisible when there is a secured & unsecured way to account for those things like foreign Real Property. If everyone in the USA wanted a Foreign Real Property to be secured from threats, hostile takeovers, UNsecurities. Perils and unknown things, they would have to change the banking involved thatís only at its BEST within the USA.

INTERVIEWER: With so many things in the technology industry tied and linked into manufacturing the things to surf and visit the websites, what are your thoughts on all that?

FLESH PLEZURE: I found out back in the years of 1997-1998, that there were men that were already stubborn and set in there way about the countries there is a Ďmade in ****í .I didnít see them as with a opinon,when they would rebuke me for driving a foreign made car. Because there is a type of handling or touching with something manufactured.In those years something manufactured would work BETTER or be MORE THAN than the other things when there was a comparison.I had the somethingís separated by what they were in a buyer or seller market, only stock of a corporation Ďbrand ofí. Made in **** , was NOT Important to me or noticeably in a trend. Many years later it became of importance because it would be made in a country outside the USA and if it brokedown or could fall apart, it was only as good as its warranty or extended protection plan or guarantee. Now these days I always look at where it is Ďmade in ****í.

INTERVIEWER: You could use your website to make someone an offer of marriage, have you ever thought of the website with visitors that could register and post messages into it?

FLESH PLEZURE: That was an interesting thought, about a place they could post messages, but for me, it was like becoming the telephone companyís operator, the more the POSTS were uploaded. Then I started to see how the site could go in very different directions, as the interest would change from the powers of the POSTS, and how I could lose my position in it. Itís not something, I could easily be persuaded into doing. I looked at that posting site as only manageable, and for me not the best thing, as I would need the telephone company to dig and trench over 8 miles of Telephone wiring to my residence, so I could dial up modem, and be in the websites that way. If the telephone company someday does all that manual digging labor to install that phone, then YES there would be most definitely a website that each could register post into.

INTERVIEWER: Within how the wireless internet is, do you see a need to ever dial up ISP?

FLESH PLEZURE: I really like how the Wi-Fi is with the wireless devices I use often. There was however a need that could come into using DIAL UP ISP when staying as a GUEST at some Motels or Hotels. I looked into the accounting of the downloading through the telephone as more accurate with the development of credit and online license settings that are managed through the OS as preferences. A guest on the Wi-Fi doesnít get the same things as when, you dial up from the guest Motel/ hotel room and the whole entire internet experience is from your Credit Card account registered with the dial up ISP, within your Device.

INTERVIEWER: Is there a way to meet you, from the website if they click into the page itís in?

FLESH PLEZURE: That is how something has to be defined as to what they wanted or intend to do or what they have for doing.

I see it as having to be as either small business or from personal. So much of it is only of developmental. It still needs improvement to do that. Something mechanical like clicking on a link & then results into meeting me some place in the city, would be in work itself. Perhaps if you could do that, then I would need to make an onscreen agreement, that has to have you agree, and there is a memory record that you agreed.

I use to have a small business in California, that was observed a number of times by some local teenage girls, that could see the entire business as mechanical slavery, that when the business cell phone would ring (the teens would hear the phone ring to) the result of talking to the someone on the phone would be they would see me start & drive the business truck to the phone callers house, to clean something on it.

Those observed things that make it kind of reluctant to do something with someone without an agreement & only Oral (speech) consent. I can only develop something with them if they can meet those somethingís with me.

INTERVIEWER: The Valentineís Day is coming up this month, do you see or plan on getting someone as a valentine on the day of Valentineís Day.

FLESH PLEZURE: WOW, Wishful thinking, Of course I would want that. But I have to make sure that if I could jump into a relationship like that on Valentineís Day That I still have that woman as my future wife. That was good reason to make requirements for the woman I could marry. There would have to be something Much Like requirements that if Unfulfilled ,I could say Ďnoí and dump her quickly, or lose her to the Winner who fulfilled the requirements and could have me happily Married the Entire Time since engagementÖ

INTERVIEWER: How has your Health been something that affects, the website operating?

FLESH PLEZURE: My Health status has always been a big factor in that entire world of what I can do, and whatís only manageable. These days, I donít allow anyone in that can draw from or arrive at me, that they could affect something that could claim into my healthcare.I find out, through some healthcare book reading and Going into thought, that if I donít ever Eat a meal at the table with someone, & I donít drink alcohol at the bars and night clubs, and If I donít ever smoke tobacco again after smoking a whole entire pack of newports in one day in the year 2003.I cannot fall into a victim of Health. Getting a better education on Health was a big concern a few years ago. It used to be that I could not ever investigate or do my detective work to find out how I had a claim into my Health. For so many years there would be a claim into my health. I would wake up from the claim with it in a W.T.F.! Or why did someone make a health claim on me, why did I get hospitalized from it, when some of the other current lawyers of healthcare argue with who was claiming on their health & they didnít get hospitalized. There was clearly a big difference in each otherís treatment now look at it as I can No longer afford, that someone in my life if they are only going claim into my health have fully prepared to separate from those men & women, who are only going in a direction with me to claim in or on my health.

INTERVIEWER: The Healthcare system has been a concern with you, how would it be fair to you, when there is now a cost accounting concern on any employment activity if youíre to be in the employee market?

FLESH PLEZURE: The Healthcare system has always been in close relations to the vicarious liability of anyone who has been an employee and had accounting deducted into healthcare. As far as fairness, it has always been somewhat a dog world of I donít get what I want from it, how do I quit or change it? Itís a bit of a problem how it has to be contracted in written paper so that it is in affect or enforceable, so that I still have something of healthcare. Itís not always fair when there is a claim into health from such things as smoking filter cigarettes & eating table meals served on a plate. Itís been A number of years now, and Iím finding out I cannot ever talk to those persons in person or on the phone, when It gets claimed on me & my healthcare account. It could easily exceed the levels of competency required for fairness of health treatment. Some of those included in my past, would now recognize it as, mistakes of my past, including them in my health, when it goes into a written thing of hospitalization, when itís claimed on. If my incorporation of health & healthcare results in a cost account on myself, that could be the bad news to me. Everyone is a critic, when they have had some education on cost accountings. Look at the fairness of it as, why do they cost account it on me? It gets an internal pressure pumping within me, when I recognize it as a critical cost account, on what it is, something that is within my human body.


INTERVIEWER: Does the website make your day to day life activities and unknown futures more hopeful?

FLESH PLEZURE: Yes! I can go to lay down and sleep at night and If the website is still hosted and loading Hypertext, all the things that are not yet fulfilled in my life are in that hopefulness. There could always be that hope that while I am laying asleep ,someone could visit the website and fulfill something with me.











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