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DONATE USD for A cause

Help FLESH PLEZURE with a donation into an account, specifically designed to the purpose

Of helping his Cause & Pets & the living things in his household.



Your amount of USD donated gets FLESH motivated to resolve the issues he was experiencing through a simple purchase of an item, which does something to help or aid.

So many Many of us experience fluctuations of the USD economy, and if you donít have enough USD in account there is no way to use a skill or talent to have more in account.

It is not always easy, to ask for donations in person, as everyone is busy doing their own thing.

The incorporations of the internet & websites into our lives, make something like donating an amount much better & easier to do.

Becoming affected by the economy would not be where to go through a choice.

Have a choice in each otherís socioeconomics and encourage accountable participation, with each other.

Talking about money related things matters, to those that participate in the USD economics.


Text Box: DONATE an Amount of USD today, and it helps for many days to follow! 


An amount of USD donated is more than what it is when it has purpose behind it. Amounts always were a big help to have, when there was a need that could not be fulfilled through humans.



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Text Box: Anytime YOU make a donation in USD, youíre making an improvement in your relations, no matter how it could be!

Asking for your donation of USD !

Text Box: Asking for your donation of USD !


Text Box: Your Donation of USD really helps, Thank You!

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Thank YOU for your consideration in these matters.